Chalk it up

Sometimes I hate my job when it has me here late at night eating pretzels and brewing strong tea to stay awake. I'll end up missing a show because I'm just too worn out to deal with traffic/parking/late set times/evil chipmunks/etc.

It's hit or miss if find myself in a club for a band on those nights anyhow; either grumping at every mistaken note played, still bitter when the bartender holds up eight fingers for a weak whiskey and coke.

So I don't go.

After watching this live clip of ROBOTANISTS I regret making that kind of choice, which is what happened for their LA show last month.

(The music starts a minute into the clip, as the band is reacting to the live web feedback between songs)

Check out more clips from this show from DeepRockDrive on

ROBOTANISTS next show:

5.19.08 for Blue Comet Cafe (Private Show - Video Shoot) @ Temple Bar
Email to join this free Hi-Def filming for


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