Documenting the documentaries of the other LA music scene

People were chatting last week on the local music blogs about a cool documentary on the bands, clubs and people of the Silver Lake / Echo Park area called East of Sunset. Before moving to Southern California in the late 90s, I like many only knew of the glory days of the Sunset Strip; East of Sunset hopes to change that perception that still exists even within our own city limits. Here's the trailer:

Very cool stuff and great for the bands included in this movie but this area has been a hotbed of activity for a long time so I wanted to highlight a couple documentaries of the lesser known slices of the same music scene:

Live at the Smell Documentary (LA Weekly article) For over 10 year this downtown club has been serving the underground and the up and coming of LA music.

"Live At The Smell" Trailer from Adam Cornelius on Vimeo

And of course something close to my heart, the Kiss or Kill club of great people and bands that ran from 2002-2007 at Mr T's Bowl, Safari Sams,EL Cid, and the primary venues The Garage, Zen Sushi, and The Echo (the highpoint for the club @ 2005). This preview is about 8 minutes but well worth watching as it covers the both the birth and implosion of the club.


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