The New Fidelity has a free CD for you

From the band's tweet from today:
@thenewfidelity: Download our new CD All Here Now for Free for a limited time only!

the new fidelity

I made it out again last week for another night of fun at Rob Z's little semi-monthly shindig at El Cid. Maybe you should have gone too because it was a great line up of bands. And if you know Rob Z (and you probably know him way better than I do in fact), then you know how he cherry picks great talent for these events.

The New Fidelity made the night their CD Release show, packing the place with locals and bringing along quite a few Long Beach folks with them. They offer such a great, consistent sets of 60s/70s Brit-Pop inspired songs that get people up and dancing each time I catch them. I like what they bring to shows that I even tried to book them for big corporate party in Vegas a few years ago before my West Coast office was sadly closed down (and I was laid off). I highly recommend The New Fidelity if you're looking for great band for your event. They have a multi-generational appeal; a timeless cool

Also up that night was Chissum Worthington (below)walking a fine line between reality and subtle silliness. The real person behind the Chissum persona, Mike Schnee, is also an old school Prefab Sprout fan like myself - We are so rare.
Chissum singing "Obama"

I especially want to point out another band on the line up, The Commotions. Wow this band has grown a lot in the last year - much tighter with an expanded retro sound similar to New Fidelity that only comes with growth as a band. The singer Marianne is now more confident in her voice it would appear as my friend remarked, 'Wow, she has some lungs'. That, she does.
The Commotions
This LBC band really should play more LA shows to show us how much better live than their myspace tracks might lead you to believe.


  1. i'm a horrible friend. i never go to rob's shows anymore. but at least he understands and comes over to visit the baby. (besides the fact that tiffany and i live in the same building.)

  2. Ha. That was totally directed towards you. I know having a kid can make going out less fun, or more of a hassle, or what I found, just not all that important in the scheme of things.

    I seriously doubt you're a horrible friend. Living a full life easily beats going out to some bar.

    I'm lucky if I make it out once every two weeks but that's okay because I like sleep, hanging out with my GF, and being awake during important things like work.

    This is a slight tangent: Even back in the day (2002-2008) when I was out 3-5 nights a week, my private REAL life (i.e. kids) always came first despite seeing them every other weekend. Now my pvt life takes up 95% of my time (kids on weekends + GF) and I like this change so much better.

  3. i must say, i don't miss going out at all. i used to go out about four times a week as well and i was always having drinks here and there or even sitting at home and drinking wine. now...if i have two drinks, it's a big night. such a strange transition for me. but i love it.
    another little tangent...
    for all the years that rob has been one of my closest friends, i never once went to kiss or kill. granted, i had acting class the same night but we used to laugh that i was totally unsupportive.


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