she's a rockstar blogger in my book

It's not like I've been all depressed and shit for two weeks straight, moping about eyeglasses and dental insurance. I'm generally happy everyday but come to think of it...

work has been incredibly stressful lately, like I don't want to be there anymore stressful,
and my car's transmission looked liked it was totally screwed,
and the TV I've carted around, since 1996 died in the middle of Ghosthunters,
and the money I've been saving for some wonderful things in the future are now tagged for the car+TV,
and then I ate too many almonds one day. ugh my stomach,
and then it seemed I ran out of words again.

Okay, so yeah I had a lot of things bringing me down, crimping my style, setting the dial on to funk the last couple weeks.  The over-sharing has been helpful here as a way to release some thoughts without burdening B who's nothing but patient with my moodiness.

There's also been a few nights of fun mixed in, namely I finally met Ms Sizzle of Sizzle Says as she vacationed down in the Southland for a bit.

Rarely does the opportunity comes along when one of my favorite bloggers invites friends and readers out for a drink so I cracked through my self imposed shell to meet Sizzle in Burbank last week.

Me and Sizzle!
(her picture came out better than mine)

After reading her blog for the last two years she was exactly how I'd imagined her (she's a bit of a blogger rockstar in some circles): sweet and funny, and just simply a cool person to talk to. An equal pleasure was meeting and chatting with her friends IRL, with the charming Mellisa being a standout of the night.

If this was a review I would give the night thirty five out five loranges**

** I don't do reviews - this number system is somewhat meaningless depending on the subject - this night might be more like 34 out 5 loranges .


  1. Your tv crapped out during Ghostbusters? If that isn't salt in the wound I don't know what is. (I love that movie.)

    It was GREAT meeting you. Thanks for coming out!


    P.S. Rockstar? No way. Heh.


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