Star Wars III - start lining up!

Folks have started to line up outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre [word is that it will be playing at the Archlight on Sunset] and put in place this "sign in, sign out" system to determine place in line. Placement is based on the total hours waited in line, so you could go to work, go to Hollywood & Highland, hang out for a few hours, leave, come back, and repeat for the next six weeks.
Pic is off the site, I assume this week.

Make First Contact (yeah I know that's Start Trek, which kicks Star Wars ass btw)
I think I'm going to take a look at these, um dedicated fans later this week, but I hear they are answering the payphone, so why don't you call them!!!

(323) 462-9609 (no joke, it's true)

Read updated info at Boing Boing

(Thanks to for the link to Boing Boing)


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