Stressed Out

I'm so unbelievably stressed out right now. The end of last month started a whole series of cascading issues that I needed to resolve this week and I'm just shutting down. A very bad reaction when I need to get my shit together, but I will and by the end of this month I will know what lies ahead for this year. If I seemed a little out of it, this is why.

Convinced myself not to flake on Kiss or Kill again and enjoyed a great set from . I'm lazy, so this is what Joe wrote:
    "the first band was the press fire. Two guitarists, drums and keyboards. Wow! They each took a fresh tequila shot even the smallish little girl keyboardist. They were really good. I don’t know if there is a name for this genre of rock I am seeing more and more where the melodies sound exceptionally punk with wails, yells and screams but the drums sound like dance beats...."
They were cool and fun to watch and now tagged on my to See Again list. Underwater City People were up next and amazing as always, but I'm going to write a proper post about them since a couple lines are not going to do them justice.

were filling last minute for Bobot Adrenaline the next night at the Punk Rock Social so I had to check out my new favorite girl punk rock band. A different set with new songs I think this time but a step up in the rock star poses. If anything these kids know how to work a stage. It was nice to meet Sean who puts on these , and you should come out to check out his band . One reason alone to come to PRS.

I'm off to Bay Area this Saturday morning for the first time in almost two years. Going to be great to see my family, eat a great in Walnut Creek, and see/feel the fog that I miss the most. I don't how I've managed so long without going "home".

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