Well worth 2.5 hrs of sleep

Drinks on an empty stomach makes my lips numb and me say silly things. At least I now know it's pronounced Ann-drea and not An-drea. Just wondering.

Took a power nap, changed brake pads on my car, showered and arrived in the middle of Underwater City People's set at last night's Kiss or Kill. Eric from joined them on viola for a few songs and it filled out the sound perfectly. Then Kevin and Emily from stood as the horn section on the Banjo song, even though the song doesn't have one. During resident band Rainman Suite, Celeste from UCP joined in a great cover of Joan Jett's "I love rock'n'roll". Probably the highlight of the night for me.

were next and played a set that was a billion times better than their last Kiss or Kill outing. Finally a new catchy song too. Finally. Decided later to sober up a bit and enjoyed who were filling in for King Cheetah. It was perfect music for my perfect buzz.

People were nice to me.

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