Christmas was inspired by you

I've gone from hints of something coming upon me to a flat out cold last night. I'm stuffy and want to eat three lunches for energy. I'm not even hungry and I probably couldn't taste it but damn doesn't a cheeseburger sound good right now.

Did I tell you I went to Disneyland last weekend (12/4)?

It was empty with five minute waits, bad cotton candy, the nightmare before Christmas overlay was impressive and damn kids everywhere. It was hard not to step on them and they had no problem stepping on my feet. or kicking my shins. or being annoying. my kids would never be like that.

Did I tell you I rented Monster House which is seriously a kick ass capture animation film that will win best animated feature? Yes I love all things Pixar (since back when they were only doing short films) but Cars came across lacking something...a tighter story?...maybe it was too damn long?

Did you know that I was going to try out for an internship at PDA (Pacific Data Images which is now owned by Dreamworks and did those little Shrek movies) way back in 1989?

Did I tell you that they need to update the holiday lights driving thing in Griffith Park?

Did I mention that The Oohlas's Best Stop Pop album makes a perfect soundtrack for driving through Orange County?

The Oohlas - Octopus (youtube link)

here is a unpublished post from my first Oohlas encounter in Sept.


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