Greetings from the Bay Area

Fog and moss are the non family things I miss most about winters up North.

As a xmas present of sorts, my friend Corey offered me a ride up to the Bay Area late Friday night. So here I am at moms wifi enabled house on a laptop left here by one of her Korean exchange students.

Everything is written in Korean as one might imagine but some of the slightly x-rated anime is a little odd and needs no translation. Not my thing but whatever toots his horn, sails his boat, milks his cow if you know what I mean. nudge nudge.

Anyhow I'm longer going nuts in my apartment this week watching bad talk shows and cleaning my refrigerator. Did have a fun time at Ikea last week though so all wasn't lost.

Now off to my brother's house to get drunk off two beers and fall asleep on his couch.


  1. Whereabouts in the Bay Area?

    Merry Xmas!

  2. On the other side of the bay from you sadly.

    Pleasant Hill-ish.


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