I'm tired of dealing with your hang-ups

...on the phone here at work. How rude not to say "sorry, wrong number".

argarhg. I haven't been this sick in a long time and yeah I'm a little grumpy right now.

Tonight 12.14.06:
The Submarines and Great Northern @ Pershing Square Ice Rink.
(Next week 12/21 two sets by Los Abandoned and The Parson Red Heads in Jan) The winter wonder that is Caroline on Crack wrote about it yesterday. rink info here

Friday 12.15.06: The last Kiss or Kill of 2006 @ Safari Sams.
Drag - 9.30pm, She's Your Sister - 10.15pm,
Underwater City People - 11pm,
The Randies - 11.45pm, and Steel - 12.30am.

Saturday 12.16.06 - It will be raining so go to the M Bar where killradio.org presents Solare, Satellitte Class, and Slings -- FREE 10pm

Sunday 12.17.06 - Loverlee and The Monolators

@ The Cocaine (promoter) @ Live Jazz (venue)
366 2nd St, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Cost: FREE, set times on flyer

Listen to the song "when we're alone" on Loverlee's myspace page.
pop yumminess!

also with Family Tree Analog, and mospeada


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! I hope you enjoyed the show... we were a bit funky but enjoyed it none the less!


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