3 hours of my night

I saw the wonderfully strange David Lynch movie Inland Empire last Sunday afternoon and I'm still trying to figure that wtf is up with the people with rabbit head sitcom part and the dancing hookers.

There was a period in time when instead of attending three or five shows a week I was seeing that many movies, not including rentals. I miss that sort of mental stimulation. Different than say staying at home last night watching that game show Identity, where you try to determine the occupation of ten folks just based on their appearance. I suppose if you're not from LA you wouldn't necessarily know what Mr. Moviefone looks like. Lame.

At that point I left my apartment for a show by band that I've seen numerous times for a price that wasn't what I was expecting so I told the doorgirl 'nevermind' and turned around and left.

Now this where it gets perfect. Found a spot right in front on my place then walked to the Echo to catch the final night in The Parson Red Heads residency, which was perfectly free, moved to the right front of the stage as they started play their fist song.

Smiles I tell you.
The smiles I get from a great set like last night.

So tonight's options:

Waking Hours and Go Betty Go @ The Key Club - Free
New Fidelity @ The Scene - $?
Robz and others at Highland Grounds - Free (my earlier post here)

parson redhead photo by nate of castledoor - stolen off myspace


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