so little has changed this year

Band: The Randies (myspace, site, blog)
Song: I Thought I Could Change
Why: see below

So this weekend was thankfully the last Kiss or Kill to be held on Fridays. There were a lot of things wrong with this year - some of which were out of anyone's hands - some maybe not. Next year will be on Wednesdays where it might gain it's credibility for supporting worthy acts and a great social scene again.

It was good night with She's Your Sister, The Randies, UCP and Steel doing their best with a so so crowd. The end of year shows have traditionally been some of the busiest, but this was just so-so I thought but I was drunk so what do I know.

I do know that that I wanted to say hi and say that you looked great to someone but I might leave that for a myspace message. now that's always a bad idea.

And no I 'm not talking about DG which my conversation went like this:

"Hi how are you? xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx"
We hug.
"That's a colorful tie you're wearing"
"No. No it's an ugly tie"

I quickly try to show that it was Jerry Garcia tie but she was already walking away and couldn't care less I imagine.

This was after some vodka and few large swigs from a bottle a jager.
This was long after my infatuation with her stopped and I started avoiding people that are much more real.
This was before I stood at the bar, my fingers running along a friend's arm.
This was before I lost the bet to see who could be not be mean to each other the longest.

I lost and now owe my friend dinner.


  1. The guy and the lightswitch are near Queensland Blvd or Ave. I drive my Fed Ex Truck by that school almost every day. I just bored everyone. Happy Holidays

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I always forget what that guy's name is, but it's hard to not be fascinated by his eyebrow eh?


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