The Wombats, My Top 10 for 2006, and blog crushes

Band: The Wombats (site, myspace)
Song: Moving to New York
Why: This is as close to a Christmas song that I'm willing to post. They actually have a real Christmas song on their myspace that's pretty good.

Thanks to futuresounds for clueing (cluing?) me in to them last week.

Since it's also Reveal Your Blog Crush Day (via Ms. Sizzle Says) I might as well list mine. I'll always have a thing for xTx and of course Caroline on Crack" as I'm envious of their great blogs. xTx for the absurd, dirty rawness of it and CoC for her perfectly written reviews of LA hot spots and eateries.

As for my Top Ten of 2006:

10) Ukuleles. They're the new theremins.
9) JB Weld.
8) Generic Nyquil from the 99cent store.
7) Yeah I think these lists are dumb.


  1. awww....thanks!

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    You seem to have a thing for acronyms that sound like "cock." I'm trying to figure out what this says about you.


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