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When I went to Kiss or Kill last week I was out to prove a theory that's been floating around in my head: drinking more than my usual 0-1 beers will make my blog less boring the next day. Um nope. All I proved was that cheap beer is hard to shake off the next morning and very much unlike how I felt after all the great beer at this event last night (more on this later).

So the "Homecoming blah blah..whatever it was called" was a blast and the atmosphere at El Cid was perfect for Kiss or Kill with its dark booths and hidden nooks and crannies for discreet moments or in my case silly conversations about jobs. There is something to be said about lounging at the outdoor bar, standing at the top of the stairs to people watch or enjoying the bands in the old timey main room that makes this one of my favorite venues.

Rob Z & JP pictured on right

After a little prep (take a three hour nap, skipped diner, drink coffee (past my one cup in the morning limit), debate which slacks to wear for the Homecoming, realize I'm too fat for the cool slacks, settle for the old black dockers, black tie, black roll up sleeves shirt trifecta and think oh well better than nothing.), picked up my friend and made our way over to El Cid.

and it then went a little like this (random bits / pics):

walked in and say hi to to some friends, had one crappy tecate, then shortly later started on what was to be last drink of the night. Took note of someone that I have seen only once since they were a little drunk and trying to participate in a group discussion but ended up being ignored. It wasn't intentional but I acknowledged what ever comment she made because I fucking hate when you're left thinking why do I even bother talking. Yeah I'm probably projecting a bit here.

Chissum with a C!
Chissum Worthington @ Kiss or Killl June 6th, 2007 @ El Cid
Drink another tecate (why?) as my friend tries be helpful and pushes me to talk to people I don't know. I know where she's aiming so I block with: "Um pretty sure she has a boyfriend."
"Do you want me to find out for sure?"
"Mmmm No."
"I'm going to find out!"
I roll my eyes. There is not stopping her pit bull grip on this mission.
"Fine go ahead"

New Fidelity plays a great set with the new to me keyboard adding so much to the sound. After JP wins miss Kiss or Kill (no surprise) I take my friends home and on my return am offered to join the car bar in a friend of a friend's "rape van" as she called it. MiniVan owner corrects her: "No. No. Van of opportunity!"

Thankfully declined their cheap tequila and settled in with a Guinness and Pat Benatar on XM Radio. Eventually realizing I 'm no longer in high school I head back in for the last two bands and some retarded picture taking at two in the morning.

Kiss or Kill @ El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd (@ Sunset Junction in Silver Lake)
18+, $3 Cover before 10 pm $5 after

with The Press Fire 9.45, Underwater City People 10.30,
The Mulhollands 11.15, The Virginia City Revival (formerly Cakecutter)


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