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Yes that was me dancing around to Porterville the other night.
I mean no it wasn't.

Sometimes I'll do that moving my body to music in spastastic ways thing - something I always did for many a Midway show - if you weren't around back then you probably didn't know that I have moves to be reckoned with.

Clearly this is a lie.

The truth is I'm incredibly out of shape (and old) that I could only manage a couple songs of bouncing around before being a bit winded. Didn't help that I was wearing docs (excuses, excuses). No I've degraded into complete slothhood lately.

So I was in a good starter beer mood by the time Chissum finished his cheeky set, loving the melody recap for those coming in past the half way point . Ordered my born again usual (hefeweizen) as Bobot Adrealine played and wondered why people were smiling - not at me - just strange devilish grins walking about that night. After Porterville was the Randies with their new drummer and then The Fizzies who made leaving at a quarter to two feel not so late. Saw the Fizzies once long ago but when I briefly (drunkenly) chatted to the singer David a couple weeks ago I was clearly under the impression of another band:

After bumming a smoke from my friend he flyers (sp?) us for an upcoming show.
"Oh yeah, you're in that band." I said.
"The Fizzies?"
"No I mean like two years ago."
"Yup, the Fizzies."
"No! Annoother one."
"Nope. Still the Fizzies."

I finally figured it out: Brown Sabboth (1/05 post) - though I think he was part of the Seratonins too. Grr. This is going to bug me until I can figure out if I'm right or not.

Anyhow they're no where as mellow as this video for "High" comes off but the song played live did make all the short girls dance last night.


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