Tonight's Kiss or Kill

I swear the third spot for tonight has been the biggest revolving door of bands: first it was mother tongue, then p cow was booked but danny had prior plans, and finally the Randies were to set to play until late yesterday when the word was "The Automatic Music Explosion returns to the Kiss or Kill stage to fill in for The Randies after a busy recording period."

Um that would be code for drummer issues again and right after I causally mentioned how this might be a good year for them with said new drummer last week. As a fan I hate to hear news like this.

Since The Automatic Music Explosion has been the flavor of the month at kork this should be a good turn out coupled with, I think, their second show since recording with producer Mike Chapman (Blondie -parallel lines, the knack -my shorona, Pat Benatar) last month. If you like that self described "Blast Pop" sound and attitude you'll love AME. (read AME's blog about it here)

These pictures I snatched from Ashley were taken at last weeks Old Towne Pub show where it felt like the stage couldn't contain them (literally too small) with band members on the bar and tables for good parts of the set. Fun like a rock'n'roll version of the Tiki Room at Disneyland.

Wake Up Incinerate starts off the night at 9.45 and then Looker at 10.30.
I might have mentioned this band, no?

Strangely I never saw this video (or head the song actually) that Siria posted of "Bullet Train" until yesterday. Catchy and so it this older video for Someone Else Hallways link

Kiss or Kill @ El Cid, $3/5, 18+


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