3 hours at The Scene

20 more minutes again. typical neurotic post to follow eventually

I've been trying to flesh out a schedule this week that involves other bloggers (with real notable blogs - yikes) if I don't flake tonight, kiss or kill (maybe), the Plush Lounge in Fullerton (most definitely), Pasadena show on Thursday or I might just stay at home and read.

Last night I finally felt back in to the groove of weekday shows and couldn't past up the freeness of seeing the Randies and Bang Sugar Bang at the Scene Bar.

A Randies show is only as good as their present confidence level and lately it's been running high again. With a great new drummer name Chelsea and catchy new songs for the audience, this might be a good year for them.

Between sets outside I heard Joe's story of how their (p-cow) Burbank show earlier that night went bad: "...so last night we played 4 songs before we were asked not to curse. After changing motherfucking to mother grabbing & changing fuck to [shut up] schtup [ed: I mistakenly thought this Yiddish term was a misspelling on Joe's part. oops] a few times, we were told to wrap it up. we performed 7 songs and got paid. We love Burbank!!!!!! Best gig ever!" Ha! They only have songs that run 1-2 minutes in length.

Also didn't realize that this person I couldn't place at first was Sara Radle (Solo / The Rentals) until she was leaving so I didn't get to say my usual introduction of how MFR and I stalked attended her solo stops (first at the Plush Lounge)back in 2004. Looks like she also has a new side project called Calamity Magnet with fellow Rental Lauren Chipman and others so I'll be keeping an eye out for that.

Noticed that all of the Dollyrots here there which now includes Chris Black the former drummer of BSB who left on strained terms (this is putting it mildly) a year ago. Well BSB played a great final show as a three piece before the new guitarist finishes his move to California next week and watching the playful tension between Matt and Cooper was amusing to say the least (insert back story here).

The cool part was at the end when BSB started the old "Beer Song" sing along and invited Chris to join them on stage. Considering how it was publicly stated by one of the party that the other person was now dead to them, this was kind of a big deal to those much closer than I am to the band. Understanding the significance of the moment of Matt and Chris in arms singing was actually quite touching and made me smile.

Closing the night with that was a good way to start my week.

  • Deep Sea Diver (Jessica Dobson) @ Plush Lounge - Fullerton $5, all ages
  • Meiko @ hotel cafe
  • Kiss Or Kill presents @ El Cid. $3/5, 18+
    UCP, The Mulhollands, The Press Fire etc.

  • P-Cow, Automatic Music Explosion, The New Fidelity, Artie Lang Vegas [ed: oops again]
    @ Old Towne Pub, Pasadena $5, 21+
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    1. Anonymous9:55 PM

      1. that picture's from Alex's bar in longbeach though, not the scene... (the bar used for many scenes in "Tenatious D: the Pick of Destiny")

      2. by bad you mean AWESOME and HILLARIOUS... I think Collin and I were the only ones not in the bands Pu$$y-Cow or Sporto who wasn't wishing they would end already... it was so crazy and surreal... Joe even accidentally yanked the cord out of his mike during the first song "Hope we don't suck"...

      2b. SPORTO is AWESOME!!!!!
      love the drummer. Matt, he's one of Flaco's best friends and he rules... but ALSO his band's great!!!! You have to come see them at Yoostuh BeCool next month... oh also half the band was on the studio version of "Scientist" that I have on my myspace profile

      3. I love that picture of Ms. Radle

      4. How about I get to beat you up if you don't come Thursday?


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