this is one of those what I did posts - feel free to skip

I wish I could have skipped this week. Maybe forward through next week.

This has been a rough, busy period at work - my department of six now down to 4 due to the manager out sick for two weeks and another on vacation.  Everyone is picking up extra work so we're functioning but I sort feel like this dude right now:

A lot of work but not going anywhere fast.

So what's new?

I remembered yesterday that I had a ticket to see PJ Harvey for the Wiltern show this Saturday.  One of the most amazing concerts I've ever experienced was when I saw her back in 1994, even from my distant balcony seat at the Warfield (SF).  Should I take the subway this time?

My dear old mom lands back at SFO after a free trip to Korea, courtesy of the foreign exchange student that lives with her.  She took a disposable film camera with her.  How quaint.

B is leaving for Michigan on Saturday so I'll be alone boozing it up (no, not really) with our two cats next week.  Though after the last few sucktacular days I'm so up for drinks...

I'll be missing someone (B duh) for sure but at least I won't be missing home.



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