Well I tried and failed at the Hot Dog Death March

Arrived a little late at Pinks and found the fearless event leaders in hot dog hats and utility belts filed with condiments and over the counter gastro-relief aids.

While I went to check in to receive my name tag, J and K's initial excitement died after seeing the line wrapped around the building (as usual) and being slightly embarrassed by all the attention onto the death marchers.


This was cool: Pink's management gave out free chili dogs and drinks before the hot dog haikus were read and prizes giveaways. That sounded like fun but we completely missed that part of the event waiting in line for these doggies:


The hour wait was worth it though. J had the Lord of the Rings dog, K had a mayo dog, and I completed the Martha Stewart as promised. As we were on the way to stop #2 I realized that I was feeling good enough to quit while ahead.

Best decision ever. I was full, I had fun, I was happy, I was done.

Oki Dog

We drove by Oki Dog on the way home and took a picture for my to do list. Life is Short but Oki Dog can wait another day.


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