high line park

I haven't been to New York since the summer 1979 as a son of a native New Yorker. It was a summer spent on the LES visiting my dad's family; well parts of it because this was the side with the most whispering regrets and the type of darkness that would jump generations or randomly sort through siblings. In as much I am my dad's namesake, his blood, the spinning wheel arrow passed me and my mom's subdued traits were allowed dominance.

I'm West Coast mellow. My sister moved to NYC two months after Sept. 11th.

I will go back soon to re-experience the sights and sounds from my then 8yr old life but I also plan to see the new things my dad could not have imagined.

warning: silly techno music in this video (vid link here)

On one of my favorite blogs it was mentioned that stage 1 of the High Line Park was opening next week. The thought of this elevated freight train track now is an elevated park (not to mention that people live in the Meat Packing District), well I doubt my dad (at 77 if still alive) would believe me without seeing it with his own eyes.

As for me, maybe next year I'll see it myself.
Life seems too short lately.

See more video/read all about the High Line Park at the Friends of High Line Site


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