Blogger Prom FTW!!

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One of the coolest events I've been invited to is the (hopefully 1st annual) Blogger Prom 2009 in July. I'm flattered to be invited* and with B as my partner in crime, we're excited to relive our so-so high school with better style, better booze, and cooler peeps.

Now I need to get a cool suit should I rent/buy the cheesiest one ever?. Stay tune for future updates as we prepare for (in stadium announcer voice) Blogger Prom 2009.

Now if I can get TequliaCon to come to Los Angeles...

*I know I don't blog as openly as I use to, have a ton of commentators like the blogs I follow, or hell, blog as much as I did even a few years ago. Despite this I still comment, I try my best to promote the better blogs out there because this whole blogging thing is important to me. Basically this is the "thing I do" in life beyond family, friends and work. This is my bowling team.


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