Confidence in Tuesday

This Tuesday night is what I would consider to be an excellent lineup of local bands. Don't expect a night of similar sounding music though; expect beauty, country indie folk, scratchy guitars, and happiness guaranteed.

Despite a turn around trip to Southern OC this evening and work in the morning I'm going to try to stay the while night)

9pm Eagle and Talon /10pm Deep Sea Diver /11pm Olin and The Moon / 12pm Leslie and The Badgers

Olin and the Moon - album release/tour kick off for these folks.

Eagle and Talon - have you not heard this album yet? Overly simplified take: girls + electric guitars = indie rock goodness.

Leslie and the badgers - Leslie used to be with Ze Auto Parts back in the day. This is totally different and completely her style.

Deep Sea Diver - I'm horribly biased - love that some of the bigger music blogs have taken notice recently. Here is another video off the Anchortape sessions:

DEEP SEA DIVER - *CONFIDENCE* from anchortapes on Vimeo.


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