blah, oh and $@##$%&

I hating feeling so out of sorts.

This blahness is clearly a result of 11 hour workdays all week, the complete loneliness that has hit me aside the head seeing the bed empty when I awake. Compounded with thoughts of schedules to work on, promises to keep, etc. These are ongoing issues. This is life. Frustratingly none of this explains the burrito I ordered for lunch that arrived filled with white rice. wtf blah!

Lately one time thoughts have become many and as easily as words trigger memories.

I didn't think the whole Micheal Jackson thing would play a role in my funk but you have to admit he did some great music circa Off the Wall. WOXY has been playing deep cuts off the motown years thankfully as I despise the whole Thriller era that was shoved down the commercial space during my middle school years.

It was unavoidable back then:

There was suppose to be a picture from my junior high yearbook of friends wearing red zipper jackets but I can't seem to find it right now

Other things that are bugging:

If you read this via RSS you might have missed the comments in the last post. I have more to say:

Really CB? It's one thing to troll the comments - I have to expect this when I put part of my life up on the nets - but it's another thing to impersonate a mutual friend to leave a snarky comment.

Let me give you a heads up CB: you're really not going to like what will be posted here in future. At this point you just got to deal - I've long tired of apologizing. I know you're not going to believe this, but I truly wish you well. You're too smart to be trolling on my blog these days. Good luck.

but fuck off too.

comments to remain moderated


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