being a tour guide: day 1

Within days of B's return her parents flew into LAX for a vacation. This means B and I will be acting tour guides, taking them around town for some sightseeing.

First the empty streets of Downtown and Disney Concert Hall


The gardens on the roof - actually a free, public park that anyone can use up to 10pm each night.

This is part of a cool bar in the lobby of Disney Hall. I want to use glass like this for a wall if I ever own a house.
part of a bar at disney hall

then we attempted to find the French Garden restaurant way down by the greyhound station (7th and Mateo) which is very sketchy in general. I've spent time down there for a ton of Ashely's warehouse parties so I wasn't so phased by it all but it did freak out our midwestern guests a bit.  Sadly the restaurant had finished lunch service so we trekked back to an equally sketchy place: Americana at Brand in Glendale for the Cheesecake Factory.

americana @ brand


  1. like....waitng for day MF'n two. C'mon, Deliver the goods!


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