what is this burning sensation in my mouth?


I came home early yesterday sick with only a half day at work completed. Dizzy, unfocused eyes and when I brought it up, that almost fever beat my co-workers would reflexively step back to.

You like crap Robert
I'm sick...
[left foot back]
I think I'm getting a fever
[right foot back]
dosey do

I hate being sick. Born with one of those weaker constitutions that women like to mock us men for, I might not whine but I definitely let it be known that I'm diseased and how my body is now corrupted with five soon to be discovered illnesses and maybe the CDC should be called as a precaution.

My B ignored all this as she poured me a glass of OJ, placed me on the couch and warmed up the Indian food leftovers to make sure I ate something. [Garlic chicken tikka from Electric Lotus to be exact - unevenly cooked but this is not surprising as their dishes are normally served as such. Hit or miss presentation, but hey, it's close by]. When B cam back from Michigan she brought back some extra strong black pepper for our grinder and I cheerfully added this to my chicken.

All was well: I took a nap. I woke up and watched TV. I ate dinner [salad with lots of veggies and soy bacon]. I read your blog again. I brushed my teeth, swallowed two Motrins and plopped into bed for the night at 10:30 PM.

@12:45 AM

WTF?!? My mouth was filled with burning mixture of saliva and trace of black pepper dust. I jump out of bed waving my arms, cheeks ballooned with what felt like an electrified light bulb in my mouth but it was a actually a hot syrup of pain brought forth by the tooth fairy spited by my lack of flossing that night. B is of course startled awake asking what was wrong (she thought I was having a heart attack at first which we now both agree now seems like unlikely for a man jumping up and down in pajamas doing a mean Jar Jar Binks impersonation) as I ran around the bed, down the hallway to the bathroom sink in an attempt to flush out the spices out.

Needless to say I flossed before attempting to sleep again.

Now I feel like this today:


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    If I asked about a heart attack, it was the sleep talking. I really thought you were choking on something.

    That's Malibar pepper for you.


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