Things I learned from Alice Cooper

While standing in line for Harry Potter at the Vista Theatre, Alice Cooper comes strolling up to meet his family standing right behind us.

This is what I learned ok, mostly overhead:

That he is working on some project that includes the likes of Ozzie Osborne and Gwen from No Doubt. "I'm in good company on this "

That when he was a kid he stood in line for triple features of cheesy 1950 sci-fi horror flicks for only 35 cents.

Somehow while recording that day he hit some notes that haven't been heard in years from his throat.

He parked illegally in the Von's parking lot and was aware of said illegality.

That the girl in front of him had really red hair, like a true natural red.

Was cool enough to acknowledge fans (@ponceman and @rainderr) that gave hims props in passing cars.

When corrected that I was actually a guy with really red hair, he acquiesced that fact but also stated that if so, I was quite effeminate. *

I did learn Alice Cooper has to carefully walk up and down the aisles looking for his family without spilling popcorn - just like you and me!

*B is pretty sure he was talking about me which is sort of rude considering I was was 5 inches away from him and seriously my hair isn't long at all.


  1. i always find it weird when famous people go to the movies. i'm not sure why that is.
    and it's always rude when people talk about you as if you can't hear them. especially when you're RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

  2. I know what you mean. I Sort of expect them to all have built in screening rooms or they all go to celebrity only showings at the archlight, entering through a secret tunnel.

    he's rich and more importantly old (@ 60) so I doubt he cared. anyhow I'm used to such things...(hmm blog post idea)


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