old faces of my recent past

After B's parents left (yes Corey I'll finish those posts soon) we gladly rolled out the welcome mat to B's old classmate who just happens to be our mutual friend's partner in crime (ie they're dating). Friends in town means more nights out and less sleep so we started out with sushi at Noshi's on Beverly.  Get the the spicy tuna rolls!


Unfortunately the rest of the night was spent at the emergency pet clinic in Eagle Rock with the cat who wasn't doing so well. Thanks to Yelp again we knew the place was good but also knew to expect a little attitude during check in. We did -yay to spot on user generated peer reviews.  (the cat is alright)


Night two was at El Cid, the place where B and I met almost two years ago. Rob Z was booking another great night of music at one of my favorite bars and Matt Southwell from Bang Sugar Bang was playing. Love seeing him again in particular plus mix that with old faces of my recent past and I had this moment where the music was loud, faces were smiling and everything seem right.

I love those moments.


  1. so i finally know who you are now!
    um...did you know that rob z is one of dearest friends? small small world.

  2. Thanks again from both of us--your couch was mighty comfortable, and we always enjoy your company. Woo hoo! (Now come visit US! I promise Indiana is like, totally cool.)



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