I would normally not wear orange


In a short time I'll be decked out in this sweet, shiny blue vintage-y suit (actually maybe just retro in style now that I think about it) for the upcoming Blogger Prom.

B and I were worried that this weekend would be spent searching through rack after rack of almost good outfits and the lust-worthy, perfect combination seemingly never in our price range. Thanks to the wonder that is Yelp we narrowed down a list of clothing shops starting in Los Feliz, working down through Silver Lake and Echo Park, and if need be, the fashion district in Downtown tomorrow. Luckily our second stop was Luxe De Ville where the owner Oskar warmly greeted us upon entering.

This store had a great selection of dresses for B and some wonderful suits that met my straightforward needs: something colorful and retro fun. With Oskar's help I found a suit that fitted off the rack and he helped add a  good shirt and tie to complete the look. B had a little more trouble finding anything until Oskar, looking for a suit bag, found one dress in the back that was perfectly purple mixed with betsy johnson shoes that B totally loved.

I hate shopping and this was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Definitely add Luxe De Ville to your to check out list if your looking from some cool, well conditioned threads in Echo Park.


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