The Anters - Two

Band: The Antlers
Song:  Two -(I also recommend checking out the song Bear for your ipod)
Why: I've lost time with this album. First disappearance: evening with a laptop, headphones and this album in the background. Second disappearance: my morning drive to work, this CD in the player.

Tonight again, lost in thoughts of you asleep. this album does that for me.

THE ANTLERS - Evolving from Peter Silberman's bedroom recordings to a fully realized band, for Brooklyn-based the Antlers, what started out as a solo lo-fi folk project, progressed quickly into a colossal-sounding chamber pop group. After self-recording a handful of albums in a kamikaze fashion, Silberman set forth to record his opus, Hospice, in July of 2007. Recorded over the course of almost two years, Hospice started out as another solo project before Silberman started incorporating other musicians, including drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci, who eventually ended up as permanent members of the Antlers.
- Jason Lymangrover, All Music Guide

LA show Oct 29th :
Aquarium Drunkard and The Fold present...THE ANTLERS w/ IMBER TIMBRE
@ Bootleg Theater 2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA - Doors 8:00 pm -$12/$15

SF show Oct 30th @ The Independent

photo by Drew Reynolds off the Antler's myspace page


  1. That video is kick ass! I'm totally into this song.


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