October: The Best Month Ever - Reasons # 7, 6, and 5

Ok I totally screwed myself over with this countdown of why this October has been the best month ever. Seriously, I should know better than to start a countdown at ten considering how inconsistently I blog these days.

Oh well, for the combined reasons # 7, 6 and 5 and well worth it I might add:

I found the greatest object ever made by mankind

A ceramic bird sitting on a frog sitting on a bunny sitting on a turtle!!
The greatest object ever created by mankind

Which compliments my collection: The ceramic 3 Green Monkeys Holding A Basket on Their Heads, my stolen Lawn Gnome "Gnomey", and my Curious George Flashlight.

Otherwise known to B as my collection of mostly monkey related crap that I try to pass off as table centerpieces.


  1. the best part is that all of these figurines are GINORMOUS. poor b...:-)
    although the stacked animal one is pretty freakin awesome and i covet it!


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