October: The Best Month Ever - Reason # 8

Reason # 8: Fall in Los Angeles.

Make all the fun you want about LA's lack of seasons. That's ok, most of the residents seem to be happy enough about how it works out here.  The changes are mild, the days are nearly the same beautiful day after day.  No reason to stress about the weather, dude.

For me I do miss the fog and rainy winters of the Bay Area sometimes but I feel like I traded up with our gusty winds and low 80 degree temperatures (give or take) until December.

And yes we had some crazy winds this week.

Right along the streets of my neighborhood are the pile remains of fallen palm tree fronds after our recent "wind storm". It's hard to tell that six piles lay beyond what you see here in this picture; around the corner on the street lined with those classic 50 foot tall Los Angeles palms their discarded, mangled fronds are piled 7 feet high.

Just a lovely Autumn reminder that I'll be able to wear my thin scarf soon!

I'll take these spiked obstacles over those rustic piles of multi-color leaves of the East Coast any time. Or snow. I fricking hate snow.


  1. Just wait til one of those palm branches hits you in the head, then..... praises be gone.

  2. i do wish i could get rid of the 80 degree weather in october. i mean, is the low 70s too much to ask for?


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