it's just going take some time, that's all

I hit my limit last week.

I work hard against the pull of the work drain and deal with the email suckage each morning at my place of employment. Each night is another night of little sleep.

damn you thoughts.
damn you unrealistic expectations.

like glucose film on your teeth no amount of tongue swabbing wipes them clean.
like a mosquito's lingering welt, an unstainable itch that remains even in my dreams each night.

Expectations have been tackling me.

I'm dealing with them one by one - it's just going take some time, that's all.

I understand why that kid would want to take off in a balloon


  1. i don't suppose the irony that falcon's ascent was fictionalized and sensationalized and moralized helps you feel any better but i'm hoping your limits are elastic today. stretchy and strong.


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