October: Best Month Ever - Reason # 9

Reason # 9 Jury Duty - or a much needed day off work.

I crave nothing more than have a day off from work.

Weekends are helpful but I'm talking about a day where I can sit and write, listen to whatever tracks download onto the computer in hopes of grabbing that next inspirational wave. I need this time more than I would like to admit, fearful that this might come off as being a loner, antisocial, devaluing the relationships of my life. I see how that might come off.

Have ever blown away the globular head off a dandelion, seeds drifting into a cool valley wind? If I'm not exposed to music or if the words stop coming it feels like I'm chasing down the seeds, seperating along with them.

Along with love, friendship, and family*, these are seeds to my completeness. Sometimes a blank moment of time like jury duty does the trick perfectly.

*which I'm blessed in spades

**(robo.to badge might not be visible on rss (vid and text is not static and might not relate to this post a week or two after the fact.  Can't wait until they have permalinks as the site is still in beta)


  1. i heard 'jury duty' and then saw a bunch of italicized words that have something to do with technology.


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