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You might be a few months older or you might be 10 years younger than me like B is. I am now 37 today and I get to look back once again to where I've been, where I've gone.

(not on this exact date obviously)

17 years ago I drove to Canada, spent one night, saw a hockey game and drove back
31 years ago I went to Guatemala for the Summer
30 years ago i went on a cross country trip to New York
14 years ago I was once married
7 years when my marriage ended for good
5 years ago my divorce was final (paperwork)
too many years with too many crushes, some that inspired me, some I do regret
2 years ago I met B!!
12 years ago my first child was born
7 years my second child was born

35 years I went to Disneyland for the 1st time and I remember most of it
23 years ago I lost my virginity
20 years ago my father died of cancer
18 years ago I went bungee jumping
12 years ago I moved to LA County from the Bay Area
4 years ago I moved to the City of LA
23 years ago I had Chinese food for the first time
8 years ago I started posting thoughts on the internet (diaryland) somewhat inconsistently 
6 years ago I started this blog
5 years ago I started to not delete the posts

Life is short and this list should be longer!


  1. happy happy birthday, mister.
    and your marriage ended at the same time your second child was born?
    that's intense.


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