01.23 - 01.28 or Boxing, Ashlee Simpson

I'm recapping my week, more for myself.

Sunday: spent the weekend working up an advert for our european division of the skin care line. Think it will be in the trade mag Professional Spa UK, feb issue..Personally, I think it looks lame since I'm stuck using the same photos over and over. Had to make up some cheesy [um, just re-read what I wrote..very bad] copy since Mcphee didn't follow through again. Long running problem with the "professionals" the owners hire, but we end up finding out they are all talk. I'm not trained to do some of the things I do..and it shows...but I do a darn good job faking it.

Monday: Watched 24. The first 12 minutes were some of the best action/drama I've seen in a while. A character was revealed to be working for the terrorists..but is she a double agent??. dum dum dum dummm.

Tuesday: Skipped Kiss or Kill and I miss this during the Midway set:
Emily and Theresa came out to the Rocky theme, started boxing. Theresa had a blood pouch in her mouth so after the first punch, it was running down from the side of her mouth. Later celebrating Sean's b-day, he started throwing cupcakes (apparently VERY hard) into the audience. Taking aim and winding up like a pitcher.. a box of krispy kremes crowd surfed in deviance of the new sign making such verboten. Thanks Corey for the highlights.

Wednesday: Went to sleep early Tuesday to get up to:
1) Drive to Gardena @ 1.15 hr
2) drive to downtown LA, pick up a showcase @ 2 hrs total drive and wait
3) Drive to a spa in Plam Springs @ 2 hr
4) set up Spa, but they were nice and cute @ 2 hrs
5) drive back to Gardena @ 2 hrs.
6) then drive home which still took me an hour at 7.30 pm (no traffic = 35 minutes).
Long day, without much to say to the driver/helper. Did a lot of thinking about things and people. I wonder about how things will turn out, trying to see things realistically, but its nice to imagine different endings or solutions. Winning the lotto is always a good ending to my daydreams.

Tired, but wanting some social interaction, went to see the Randies in Downey for the Punk Rock Social. Sounded great even though they were themselves tired from Vegas and had gotten in only a couple hours earlier. I like the Anarchy Library. Small, dark, and Anchor Steam was only 4 bucks, with 50 cent well drink specials. The bartender was great. She would serve me and run away from the bar for five minutes..while people waited, came back just as scattered, served me another drink I didn't order and even though I still had 3/4 left of the beer in my hand, and then skip the same people again. funny. 50 cent drink special ended at 10, but at 11.30 she was still randomly giving it to a lot of people and then charge full price to the next one.

Thursday: Out to Zen for an small AIDS walk benefit. Midway played, some band with a bad singer played, then the headliner was Brown Sabboth...Black Sabbath played funky James Brown style. Emily from Midway played sax. Funny stuff...oh between Cortney, Theresa and myself, I'm 95 percent sure that was Ashlee Simpson there. No booing to be heard and she basically hung out in the back with her friends.

Cool: Just read in my friend Sonia's blog, that she might be on the red carpet covering the Oscars. That's so cool.


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