Stuck at work

Yesterday, one of our reps who is a complete scatter-brain (we have our opinions as to why she is like that), took my keys when she was here. car keys, house keys, my everything keys. Waited until 7.30 pm for her to make it back to where I work. A big empty warehouse and offices are kinda spooky at night. The upside was a commute home cut in half.

So I might be getting a room-mate this weekend. Haven't worked out the details, but this a good thing money-wise. Of course this means in a couple months I might be able to afford a small vegas trip. Been almost a year since I've went and want to go with a bunch of people this time and play penny slots and blackjack, and ride the new monorail.

Feed your inner trekkie in Vegas
Now before you dismiss the Star Trek Experience outright, here is a couple tips to make it worthwhile.
1) There is large casino right there, so go only if you're "up", cause 30 bucks is lot for ride no matter how rich you are.
2) Go down stairs inside the ST Exp to Quarks Bar and share one or two of these fish bowl size drinks These are real good and will make you feel all tingly. Oh, and drunk. More so if you don't share.

3) Do the Borg Invasion BEFORE the Klingon Encounter, which is better.
It is actually two "rides" for one price, each lasting @ 15 minutes. This is why it's called an "experience" vs a ride. There's walking and interaction with actors who somehow manage to keep a straight face.

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