2nd try

I would've posted yesterday but I was pissed.

It was a good start in the morning: traffic was light, no rain cruising along doing 80 mph on The 105, listening to the Go! Team. I was optimistic for the new year until lunch time.

Basically I work with power hungry idiots.

This guy in the other building who always wants to be in charge, but never actually does anything was stupid enough to:
A) try to do my job
B) try to make me do his job for him
C) threaten to literally kick my ass (he bullies all the mfg plant this way, but the office is my turf) when I flat out told him no and then,
D) flips open his cell saying he's going to call the owner on me (nevermind the fact that the owner's only son just died on Dec 22 and has more important things on his mind)...
after he said that I needed to do what he wanted right then and now so he could go home (it was now 2.30) and my response was to quit his bitching since I was there since 7.30 and hadn't had lunch and that no one heard me bitching about it.

Stupid. It all comes to nothing, he just likes to start shit and knows better. Happens once every few months.

Ended up not eating the whole day (and no daily soda!) until I got home around 6 and I had the worse headache. Laid out on the couch most of the night in the dark. Yeah I'm still pissed off.

stupid meth fucks flipping out. grr.


Saw the new show Committed tonight. Pretty darn funny. I want to meet a "Marti" ( the main wacky, cute,female character)... Not now, I have the "Closed for Improvements" sign hanging outside the The Life of Robert exhibit.


Wednesday: Margo Lee at El Cid.....want to, but I don't think I can make it
Thursday: ???
Friday: 8 Bit, The Mormons at Mr.T's Bowl. Maybe.

home and writing sounds good too.



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