me sleepy

I can be a hella ditz at times. At Corey's apartment, I left my car door wide open with my checkbook, CDs, gold nuggets, freshly made poorboy sandwiches, a pile of iPods, a..okay just the first two. Luckily their lot is pretty secure, but still, it was sitting there open for almost an hour. Almost forgot to lock it in Echo Park last night too. That could've been bad.

3.5 hours of sleep results in stupid comments on other blogs (and this blog) and band's websites. My day sent me off to the Sunset Strip to set up a 5x6 poster I designed for this spa/salon. It's right on the corner of Doheny and Sunset Blvd. (with the blue neon lights framing the windows), if you happen to be walking around there. So I get stuck driving out there in rush hour traffic to get the poster up in time for their offical grand opening. If you know how bad the 405 is from LAX at that time you can understand what the sixth or seventh layer of Limbo it is. Picked up Corey to help, which he did for free...sucker. Couldn't have made it out by 7 pm without him.

Continued the night picking up Cort for Kiss or Kill at the Echo. Finally got to see Bobot Adrenaline. Extremely impressed...sort of sounds like the pixies, green day, but totally different. Hard to explain. Witnessed the return of the O.A.O.T's with the original drummer back in the line up. Why do they always play one of their best songs first? Then it was Midway (biased pro midway comments, see older postings)..and Nu-tra played be honest, I didn't like them *..... and Bang Sugar Bang (love watching them play as much as listening).
Cort has a cool room-mate, and I just want to say that I've never seen her happier then last night and that makes me happy for her.

In bed by 2.30 awake at 6 am. 3.5 hours of sleep is not enough. grr.

Listening to new Beck and the stream from the Margo Lee site. Tomorrow: Midway at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Citywalk. If we get Cort drunk enough, I predict some mechanical bull riding will happen at Saddle ranch chop or whatever it's called.

[*Edit: I didn't like them this time, but I might change my mind after another show. Feel bad since they played well and everyone tells me they are nicest people ever]


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