rain, rain, and maybe a new mac

Rain It's pouring here in Los Angeles and save for a few random days, it has been going on for almost two weeks now. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man short about the stranded crew on Venus where it rained non-stop. Yeah, it's getting old now.

No Shows for Me I've skipped the few shows going on this last week do to the rain and re-adjusting to being back at work. No Margo Lee, no 8 Bit (who were about to fly to Japan to open for the Beastie Boys, but that just fell apart..they are also doing some remixes for Beck too), no Mormons . Nothing.

I'm saving all my energy for the Kiss or Kill Club 2005 kick-off this Tuesday at the Echo. Go! See flyer a couple posts down..I'm re-making a non-sucky one.

Read a great article about Kiss or Kill in the LA Weekly here.

A new Mac? maybe. So part of my job is to do some minor graphic design. Brochures, banners for display booths, folders, one-sheets, etc. Sadly I'm stuck on a PC, and a low powered one at that, which is typical for a small business. My owner gets that this work should be on a mac, and finally I might be getting one! He now wants now to do some video editing and I told him it HAS to be on mac. So a big meeting tommorow to work out the details and what perfect timing since it's Macworld this week where there should be speed bumps and if you believe the rumors: iHome (a low cost mac without a monitor, home media center), new cheaper flash iPods (1-2 gbs), iWorks (a revamped appleworks..think MS office lite), iPod Radio???...Motorola just introduced a cell w/ 1 gb flash memory with itunes last week.

I'm old My first Apple use was in elementary school at the Apple only computer lab. Mind you this was @ 1979. Black screens with green fonts with a cassette (like a music cassette, for you young ones) external drive. The next one I owned was a Mac II, the classic all in one, then I bought one in @ 94 ..a Performa with a Power PC chip. I remember being impressed with a new modem that doubled my speed from 14 kbs to 28.8. I had eWorld, an apple internet service too. Last use was on a G3 tower, but now I'm going to get a dual G5 tower or a powerbook to take home if I can do anything about it.

I'm looking forward to this week.


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