The Doorway

He turned and slowly pulled away from her. They had carefully managed from the couch to the doorway without letting go of either a waist, or an arm, or a hand. On the blue cotton sweater he pulled slightly, then smoothed out the mid of her back with his hand.

"Why do you have to go? You said that you wanted to stay." She asked.

The door was now open to the fog which waited patiently outside for them. She glanced quickly past his warmth and into the strange orange glow blurring the outlines of the streetlights. It would be five more minutes before they would feel the difference in temperature but their touch was now unlocked and He already had slipped a couple feet down the walkway.

He turned back with a squint, "This is kind of sappy, but I wanted to leave on a high note, you know?" He paused for a moment.

"I...I...want to walk down to my car..." His right arm traveled a clear level plane, "and feel like I'm floating on air."

"I want to drive down the freeway at ridiculous speeds, singing to music and not caring what I sound like."

"I want to never leave this ever expanding bubble I'm in right now, " his eyes and smile dreamed upward, "and fall into bed still thinking of you."


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