I've been sick with the flu.

Missed the Randies and the Underwater City People last night but I had to sleep and I was getting tired of feeling ill. Among other reasons, I really wanted to go see these two bands play at Mr. T Bowl...The Randies will be playing at a snowboard convention and also opening for Berlin at the House of Blues in Vegas next week..how cool...I would drive out there to see them if I could get in and get back to work the next morning.

yum vegas...must get my penny slot fix soon!

Spent tonight at Alberstons buying ingredients for the best turkey sandwich ever. The cashier asked me how I was doing..if evrything was alright with me tonight or something like that. Not thinking that I had too strange of a look on my face, I replied, "well, it's almost 9 on a Saturday night, and I'm here shopping (pause) alone, it could be better." He has to rescan the Monterey Jack cheese (best sandwich ever), looks up, smiles, "Yeah, you could be stuck here working tonight." my raised eyebrow redirects, "at least you're getting paid for you're time."

pointless posting..I have a lot of other things on my mind. yes it's time for another private posting.


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