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A cold and 14 hour workdays don't add up. I get home from work yesterday and a message on my machine asking if I'm home sick since I hadn't posted anything lately. Oh how I wished I was sleeping instead of working. grr

So the movie was pretty good...not great, but worth seeing if you like that stuff. Maybe a little long though. Considering how sick I felt, I still enjoyed it. Lots of people there for the sneak preview Tuesday, but no stars from the movie or anything like that. You always hear about how some actors sneak in to watch it with a real audience, but none as far as I know.

I know Keanu is not the best actor ever, but I like him because he was in this great movie called . Cool indie film with River Phoenix, directed by Gus Van Sant

Out to old town Pasadena tonight for New Max Donkey, Silver Needle, Midway, Underwater City People.@ the . Great cool little place to drink and hang out.

Have you heard this????

Guess it's all over the place in England and has to be the most annoying ring tone ever.



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