Togos part 2 and The Mormons (the band)

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Got my reply letter from Togo’s thanking me for writing (see earlier post) and how they like hearing the good and the bad comments from their customers. Hope they fix their store concept soon. Corey said he even noticed the same lack of customers in other stores. As predicted, I now have 10 Togo bucks = free food!

Why do I care? I don't know. Maybe it's a growing up in the Bay Area thing. Peets will always be better than Starbucks, sourdough tastes better there (it's the master dough and the bagels in NYC). I like trying out local favorites. In LA: dodger dogs (Pinks), taco trucks...I know there has to be more - post what else I'm missing in the comments!

It was a good night for a lot of small reasons

Had a great time at the Dollyrots and forgot The Mormons were playing afterwards. Haven't written much about them before, but the Mormons are a band that you will never forget. Dressed like they just got off their bikes and jumped on stage; black slacks, tie, white button-up shirt, backpack, and helmets...the whole deal. Now the singer is a weirdo: He jerks, spasms, falls off the stages, crawls under the drum platform for two songs. Just amazing. Love watching people see them for the first time. Should note that they are not making fun of the religion, and sounded great.

Saw Kevin from Midway again; every other night for the last 2 weeks actually. Kevin is the best person to hang out with at shows and in general. Cool beans.

Seems like forever since my last Dollyrots show, so it felt good hearing the cool songs again. They played an amazing set, and it seems that Amy is fitting in just fine...granted she's been on tour with them for a couple months. It's been that long for me since the last show.

Sometimes it's the little things that happen that can make my night.


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