rarely do I plan ahead

I mentioned my night before at the Derby but left out spending some time talking to Elke...she had asked what was new with me and my response: Um I got a haircut. Sad but true. I work, commute, sleep and see the same (cool) bands over and over again. Since Elke makes it out for most Midway shows also, there isn't a need to explain that part of my life.

But this week, I actually have plans, so this is what WILL be new to me this week...instead of recaping the last few days, I'm going to list what I plan on doing this week:

Friday: I think I'm going to use my NEW laundry detergent to wash my NEW shirts I bought at the Kohls in La Habra (my commute home was already going take 2 hrs, figure I'd stop and go shopping)...oh wow!
Saturday: Disneyland!!!! okay, this I'm looking forward to.
Sunday: I'm pulling out the NEW weeds in my front yard. oh yeah, superbowl commercials.
Monday: I'm watching the NEW episode of "24" They brought back Tony!!
[update: I'm going to see Eisley! I predict 2005 will be a big year for them]
Tuesday: Seeing the Randies, Yes Dear, New Maximum Donkey at the Key Club on Sunset Strip, free all ages (I'll show you the poster I did for the spa up the street if you want..not that interesting) and then trying to make the Dollyrots at the Echo..
Wednesday: Driving the five minutes to the Hop in the not so beautiful City of Industry to see the amazing Los Abandoned Five bucks, [oops 21 ] you should GO!!!


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