Finally caught an show last night at after following this band for almost a couple years. Great show from 3 sisters, a brother, and a family friend on drums..young, good looking, but Extremely Talented most of all. What I loved was that various members hung out at the Merch table before their set and also announced at the end that they would be walking around later and invited anyone to come up and say hi and chat.

Their new album went on sale today, but I bought one last night. I think as more people learn the songs, the shows will be more interesting. They even played "Mister Pine" against the plans of their management. I love that song and will love this new album too.

Oh, I forgot to mention the shows I missed this weekend mostly because I was dead tired before and after Disneyland on Saturday...saw Fantasmic for the first time...neat in a cheesy 80' Disney way. Anyhow, while Eisley was very, very cool, I've walked away maybe more impressed from a Margo Lee show. maybe that's just me. Now waiting for an ep or album from her.

Hmm something special is going on at Kiss Or Kill tonight. Still trying to find out what or who... Might be just Midway horns playing with Underwater City People..might be more than that.

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