Los Abandoned is like the cure for the common cold.

Felt really ill for the last couple days, but dragged myself to see play last night. I really wanted to go and it was five minutes from my house, so I couldn't say no even though it looked really iffy if my body would allow me.

So Corey and I get there and this band is playing and 15 minutes go by when I noticed that people were clapping. I turned to Corey and asked ''Was that the same song that they were in the middle of when we walked in?" Apparently three songs were sort of blended together with very short breaks in-between. The next band was even worse...well the band was good but the singer sucked. They would play songs where the first half was great, then it seemed like a decision was made to ruin each one for the last half. One line went: "you are all slaves!...you are all slaves!". I wanted to shoot myself.

Strange how much better I felt literally after LA played. Fun show, at least for me. Think they are playing Spaceland this weekend and will be at 14 Below in early March with Go Betty Go, and the Randies!!

Speaking of which, The Randies at the Key club went well considering how sick Sienna was. Looked like she was going to faint. Didn't really matter, the audience was lame. Lots of kids for Yes Dear, which sounded great, and New Maximum Donkey was funny as usual. Great stage presence. Left the Key Club with a smile.



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