I'm realistic..

..when it comes to how well I know these bands I talk about. I'm friends with a few people, but just friendly with most folks. Big difference. I don't kid myself about this scene... a scene is a scene no matter what the age or place. There are cliques and gossip. I'm there but not part of it. Been there, done that.

Don't think that I think I'm cool because I was chatting to so and so in this or that band. I know very well that while most do appreciate positive comments and are generally nice people, some people don't give a shit and will even make fun of you behind your back. People still do that even out of high school. Oh well. Deal.

I'll go see a band because I like the music. Sometimes I think you're cool and sometimes I'm wrong about that. Thanks for being friendly regardless.

Some people think I like a band/musician/singer because I just want to get into their pants. I see bands for the way the music or performance makes me feel. Of course part of any band's appeal is their look, and I do prefer female singers/musicians, but enjoy bands made up of guys, or a combination of the two.

That said, bands are more than welcome to get into my pants. Well, if you're a girl and we click and the timing is right. You don't even have to be in a band, but it would help if you liked music.

I stopped going to shows for many years and missed it. Now I'm back out at shows, but this isn't my whole life. There is so much more I care about then this scene... I don't want anything but to enjoy the music, and if it works out, make some friends on either side of the stage.

Just in response to various comments from various people



  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Do the various commenting people read your blog? I found it funny that you turned it into a fake personal ad for your pants

    that made me chuckle

  2. Yeah there were some comments on the myspace version, and general remarks made to me in person.

    I'm also a guy and have needs and wants, but I'm also realistic about my chances with girls.


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