Weezer video shoot at Playboy Mansion today.

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My friend Corey made it for the Weezer shoot today for the song "Beverly Hills"!

They had to drive up to the Playboy Mansion in beat up old cars (VW Bug, AMC Gremlin) and were greeted by Playboy Bunnies. Of course he calls and does the "Guess what famous mansion am I at right now?" I guessed the Beverly Hill-billies house and he was a little miffed. I'm so bad at guessing. So he's telling me about the pool, "Can't you hear the fountians behind me?" and the monkey cages and Bunnies and how they filmed them all sitting on the lawn like a Coke commercial. blah, blah, playmates, blah blah.

So Corey saw the band already and is literally dancing with Playboy bunnies. Big party scene to be shot tonight still. Lucky bastard.

Tonight/Monday: Free show with Midway and Porterville at the Silvelake Lounge if you feel up to it. Midway on first at 9-ish, then Porterville.

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