So busy and my eye hurts

Tonight will be fun seeing The Dollyrots since it's been a long time. Not so fun parking by the Key Club though. You can get in free if you email your name to:

You can also see Margo Lee at King King tomorrow (Friday) night. Every other weekend is considered my "free" one, and this one isn't sadly. Oh well, next time.

Anyhow if you're in Glendale I'll let you in on a cool happy hour place: Bennigan's It’s like a crappy Irish version of Chili's. The food is okay, but from 4-7 and 9-11 they have some good drinks specials ($1 crap 10oz beers, $2 pints of MGD, etc. and other daily specials) I had a good warm up there Tuesday before Kiss or Kill. I don't drink that much really...maybe 2-3 beers normally, 1-2 times month, if that.

I've been spending too much time working on this trade show our company is doing in London this weekend. Wish I could go but the owner is sending the crack sales crack I mean crackheads... Yes I'm a little bitter :) From my experience, I think there must be something about salespeople that make them fall into 2 groups: Those who are social and organized (real) and those who are social in a fake way, lying, manipulative and drug abusers (vs. users). Sadly we employ the latter.

Oh my eye hurts, but getting better.

[I forgot to mention that after seeing the Atomic Missles, I can safely claim they are really cool band. Happy to see them part of KorK)



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