December already

I think I'm taking a few days off from posting. I think I need to.

Feeling like one of those slimy sticky people toys, the kind you throw against the wall and watch dribble down. I don't know what they're called, but I think they came in spider form too.

Oh wait, found some. These things:

Anyhow I need to regroup, finish the 10 posts sitting in my drafts, at work a couple pallets came in from Israel that I need to take care of (I'm a product manager), and I should stop drinking way too much, too often. Oh I'm not drinking my sorrows away or anything like that, I just should be using that money for Christmas presents instead.

So all this means is that I might not be posting for a few days. Though the last time I had this much crap going on I knocked out six posts in about four hours one day, so who knows.

I uploaded some old crappy rough ideas crap I wrote. Some of you might have seen this already

The Doorway

Underneath Dinner


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